To Cuff, or Not to Cuff?

Heights+Kenchi Custom Pants

Professional dress has always required a basic knowledge of the unspoken rules that guide the wearer to make sure the look matches their status. However, some of these rules are so subtle that it might go unnoticed. Something as simple as whether to cuff or not cuff your suit pants can change the "feel" of your outfit. The guidelines rely less on the kind of suit you wear and more on the reason for the suit; what kind of setting or role are you wearing the suit into? The rules for these kinds of details of the outfit are flexible because of how different the fields people work in are. Fashion in the professional world is ever-changing and evolving for both men and women, but for the time being here are some guidelines to follow. 

If you work in a more conservative job setting, cuff the pants. Conservative jobs include those in medicine, law, finance, etc. For those who work in more creative careers, no cuff necessary. The creative fields include jobs like those in engineering, design, and architecture. 

That's it! Now the hardest part is going to be figuring out whether your job is creative or conservative.