Make Sure Your Suit Fits Properly

Wearing a Suit the Right Way ( PT 1 )

A good suit can make anyone look and feel like a million dollars. It isn't enough to just wear a nice suit, however. That's because you also have to make sure you wear it the right way. Many things go into looking and feeling good in a suit. Wearing a suit properly is in many ways an art form in its own right. If you want to look and feel A+ in the suit of your choice, these tips can be extraordinarily helpful to you.  

Make Sure Your Sit Fits Properly

A suit that doesn't fit you well can make you look awkward and goofy. It can be hard to walk around in, too. Who wants to spend hours and hours on end in a suit that's too tight or too loose and baggy? Those are far from professional and polished looks. A good cut and fit can mean everything in the world suiting. If you want to make sure that your suit fits and you know you look and feel good in it. We suggest you can take the customization route. Custom suits are designed to accommodate your physique perfectly. If you want to impress everyone with a suit that makes the most of your figure, the bespoke approach should be right up your alley. If getting a new suit is not in your plans then take your suit to the tailors and get some alterations if needed

If you’re not sure how your suit should fit. Bring in your new, old or favorite suit to Heights + Kenchi and ask one of our tailors about the fit and if there are any suggestions. we’re more then glad to help.