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of The Dream Hotel Chelsea

Julian Wrede

- Tell me a bit about yourself.

My name is Julian Wrede, and after growing up in Germany, I came to New York in 2005.  It was my dream come true to live in the Big Apple and take in all it has to offer.  Having spent 12 years in Germany after being born in upstate New York, my worldly outlook on life definitely helped me fall in love with and appreciate all the different cultures in such a diverse environment like New York City.  School and a following Wall Street career was my ultimate goal when I first moved to New York - so I thought... 

- You did a little bit of modeling a few years back from what I understand. Was it runway or print adds?

I've always had a passion for acting.  It was more to have fun with different scenarios, meet creative minds, and challenge myself than anything else.  Back in Germany, I was fortunate to play minor rolls in a few nationally run commercials and photo shoots in the US.  Fun projects! 

What were your most notable experience modeling ?

The most amusing commercial I was asked to do was for IBM.  I was playing a kid whose mother was so focused on the newest IBM gadget that she completely neglected her child, who was steadily spreading unlimited ice cream all over his face and enjoying the freedom from any parental guidance.  It was an awesome experience and a very talented cast to have worked with.  

Any famous person, designer or brand you worked with while modeling?

All designers, actors, and brands I have had the privilege of working with are famous to me.  While they may not be your household names, I'm sure their talent soon will make them such! 

Would it be something that you would do again?


You're the rockstar nightlife manager at the Dream Hotel in Chelsea. Pretty awesome place to stay I have to say. I have a few clients that have stayed and partied at your hotel.  How do you manage it all and remain .....Cheery? 

Hospitality is not a job or means to an end; it is a lifestyle.  It personally satisfied me to be able to provide amazing experiences for all of our guests, see an entire room filled with smiles, and at the same time provide an awesome work environment for all of our employees.  When you enable people to have a great time after looking forward to blowing off some steam on a random Tuesday night or over the much anticipated weekend, I don't think you can be in a better place to actually make a difference.  

Tell us do you have a secret army of people on deck that make all these extravagant nights possible?

Yes, we have an extremely talented team of people that work very hard to ensure our nights are operationally set up for success and we can showcase an enticing party every single night of the week.  I suppose what makes TAO/Strategic Group stand out is that we take such great care of every single guest we welcome and constantly look through the guest's perspective to ensure we provide a product that's worth market prices - if you will.  

What the best situation/experience you've encountered while in nightlife? What has it taught you?

There would be no way to single out one situation/experience.  Every day I walk into one of our nightlife venues, I am excited for what the night may have in store and without a doubt, it never disappoints.  If I had to single out what makes my job so enjoyable, I would say it is the relationships we are able to form in our environment and feeling of self-actualization when I look at my occupation as a whole.  Also, the energy in a nightclub really excited me personally and challenges me to make good night great. 

It's a very, very interesting job!

What would be the three pieces of advice that you give to someone thinking about entering your field of work?

1. Take your time: it all happens as it has to, and things will fall into place as they should.  

2. Have a confidant: There are countless stories, scenarios, frustrations, and victories along the way that should only be shared with a trusted someone.  I am very fortunate to have a partner I can share thoughts with, bounce ideas off of, and am able to talk certain scenarios through with. This is priceless. 

3. Love what you do.  The old saying that if you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life couldn't be more true when it comes to hospitality. 

What do your friends actually think you do?  Again, I must say what you do for work would be ideal for anyone who loves to socialize and meet interesting people.   

Luckily most of my friends work in the industry or spend enough time with me to understand just what we do in nightlife.

Tell us about where you work now.

I currently operate the nightlife venues within the Dream Downtown Hotel for TAO/Strategic Group.  

If your future you could send some advice to the past you, what would that advice be?

It would be to try to understand motivation of all various sorts better, and be more accepting thereof.

Is there a message you would like to leave for the anyone reading?

There is only one life we may lead: do what you love, and love what you do!

Thank You Julian! See you next time Good sir! till then all best! - Heights+Kenchi.