Mr. Junaid

I arrived early for a meeting with our local manufacture and in walks a man dressed impeccably. As if it were a reflex, he walked over to introduce himself.  With his hand extended, he politely says " Hello Sir. I'm Junaid, pleasure to meet you? " We struck up a conversation and come to find out, We both had 10am appointments with the same person. I complimented him on his Seersucker suit. By the fit and detailing anyone could easily tell it was Bespoke.

Seldom have I seen a Seersucker suit well tailored and tastefully worn on someone who's not in a featured film.  His shirt with its contrast English Windsor Spread collar, perfectly complemented by his silk tie finished with a double windsor knot made me think there's probably a 1946 Bentley Mkvi waiting for him outside. Complete with a driver and rug rolled out from the seat exit to the street curb.

Upon his exit he was kind enough to pose for a photo. Mr. Junaid fits the Heights + Kenchi mold of being well dressed, well groomed and above all else always being a gentleman. Cheers to you Mr. Junaid from us at  Heights + Kenchi.